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Bangalore House is a registered estate agency in Bengaluru that can help you find your perfect property. We provide Real Estate consultancy according to the need and desire of the customers free of cost. We help the customers with the financial and legal services. Our staff have experience with every aspect of buying, selling, leasing and renting residential and commercial properties. It's important to pick an estate agent based on trust, as you want to make sure they are looking out for your best interests, rather than their own bottom line. At Bangalore House, we always put our clients first. To get in touch regarding property to buy or lease, please drop us a line on 9902167459.

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We are always looking to bring our expertise to anyone looking to rent or buy in the local area. Our experienced team are very familiar with the housing market, which allows us to help you make informed decisions about your prospects when it comes to find a new rental or property of your own. For those looking to buy, we offer our customers a professional service from initial valuation to final sale. For renters, our staff can help you find exactly what you are looking for within your budget.

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Our team prides itself on delivering results and our focus is always on providing exceptional service. What more would you expect from a group dedicated to being approachable, knowledgeable and above all professional? Our experienced valuers and negotiators all have extensive local knowledge which gives them a unique insight and ability to assess market conditions and provide the best and most relevant advice.


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All services & products
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Real Estate Services

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Golden Crown

17 January 2020

17 January


excellent services.

divyanshu bhusan pathak

24 November 2019

24 November


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